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About Me

“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”

Frank Herbert

I am called The Voice That Cooks. It’s not just because I’m a voice actor who loves to cook. My voice has plenty of flavors to spice up the tone, energy, and authenticity you need for your characters. If your character happens to be a chef making a delicious meal, all the better! I have played cackling crazies, Dragonborn bards, supervillains, gruff soldiers, nervous nerds, and more! I also have a background acting in short films and theatre and I have plenty of experience with improv. I’m reliable with communication and wanting to get the character right for you!

I’d love to cook something up with you! Email me anytime at

While you’re here, feel free to listen to my character demo and my podcasts that are available on my website: Voices That Cook and One Shots: D&D Character Podcast!


“William has a great affinity for storytelling and character creation. He is thoughtful in his work and brings a great energy to everything he does. Absolute pleasure to work with.”

Carlyle DePriest

“I had the pleasure to work with William on a recent passion project of mine. It was wonderful to bring someone aboard whose dedication to the craft, even in play, matched my love for the project. Everything I asked for, he was able to provide, and in such rapid fashion, we were able to have time to connect on a myriad of other topics in the time scheduled for work. I started off with a peer, and ended up with the task well-completed with an esteemed colleague. Choose William for whatever project you have in mind. You will NOT be disappointed.”

Damon Alums